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Are you creating your website solo? Are you assembling a team of people to help you manage your netAdventist website? We know the importance of having an on-the-spot website for aiding you in proclaiming the gospel around the world.

For this reason, netAserve offers 30+ in-depth training videos that will help you accomplish your website goals and projects. These videos are available to our support paying customers.


If you are a paying support customer you are entitled to our training videos. Simply catch us in the chat support room, or send us an email to: and let us know which videos you would like to have. You will then be sent and email with the download links pertaining to the requested videos. The links will only be available for 5 days, so make sure to download them as quickly as you can. But don't worry, after the download links expire and you want the link again, just let us know. We will gladly send it to you.

The available training videos include:

  • Adding a Content Series
  • Adding a Directory
  • Adding a Document Groups 
  • Adding a Member as a Site Admin
  • Adding a New Member Who is a Member of Another Site 
  • Adding a Podcasts
  • Adding a Simple iFrame 
  • Adding Announcements 
  • Adding Content to your Homepage
  • Adding Events to the Calendar 
  • Adding Google Analytics
  • Adding Google Maps
  • Adding Live Media Streams
  • Adding Main Menus and Menu Widgets
  • Adding News
  • Adding Photo Albums
  • Adding Polls
  • Adding Templates
  • Adding the External Feeds Widget
  • Adding the Location Finder
  • Adding the Sabbath Time Widget
  • Adding Video Announcements
  • Adding Widgets Changing a Theme
  • Changing a Default Theme Banner
  • Changing a Theme
  • Creating a Form
  • Creating a New Page/Content Page
  • Creating Custom User Access Groups
  • Creating Mailing Lists
  • Customizing a Default Theme/Theme Upload
  • Member Registration for a netAdventst site membership
  • Member registration for an additional netAdventist Website
  • Using Prayer Requests
  • Using the File Library

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