Welcome to TAGnet Customers

Summary: Former TAGnet customers ftp accounts are now managed by netAserve.  All of our classic accounts will now include an FTP Account, Domain Hosting, MySQL and PHP for $99/yr.  New accounts can take advantage of the same service/pricing.  Sign up at https://myaccount.netaserve.com.  From the signup form, select package 'E' near the bottom.

TAGnet Classic sites are now being managed by netAserve.  TAGnet classic customers can now expect to see correspondence regarding their sites coming directly from netAserve.  Please see this letter of welcome from TAGnet's chairman, Dan Houghton.

At some point in the future we will be transitioning away as well from the tagnet.org name used for many of your urls.  That will of course will be done with plenty of lead time so everyone can properly prepare for the transition.

If you have not yet received billing for the current year you can expect that to be coming soon from netAserve. 

netAserve has updated and enhanced the services and pricing.  TAGnet classic accounts will now have included ftp access, php, mysql, and domain name hosting for the annual fee of $99.  In many cases that will represent a decrease in price along with an increase in services. 

If you have questions or concerns about your TAGnet account status please contact us at help@netaserve.com

However, we do want to emphasize that netAserve's main focus is on bringing churches onto the worldwide netAdventist platform and we want to do everything to encourage Classic TAGnet customers to consider moving to netAdventist.  If you live in one of the free hosting areas, your church or ministry likely qualifies for a free site on their repective servers.  If your Division or Union is not on this list you can still get a netAdventist site directly through netAserve.  Signup at the netAserve MyAccount page and choose one of the B) options.

Now, please read the following welcome from former TAGnet president and current netAserve president Jesse Johnson:

September 24, 2008

Dear TAGnet Classic Customer,

We thank you for your loyal support of TAGnet. Some great new changes have come to the world of Adventist web ministry and we'd like to tell you about them. I would like to introduce our new company to you. netAserve was created and is dedicated to providing support for the Internet Ministries of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. We have partnered with TAGnet to take on support for the "TAGnet Classic" hosting plans as well as support for netAdventist v3. This change starts January 1, 2009.

We will continue to support many of the same products that were supported in the past, however we would like to encourage you to look at the netAdventist 3 platform. The platform is feature rich and low maintenance compared to a traditional ftp site. You may even be eligible to get a free netAdventist version 3 site (for a list see: http://www.netaserve.com/support-options). If your Division, Union, or Conference are not providing free hosting, $420.00/yr. (that's $35/month) entitles you to hosting and bandwidth as well as full email/chat support. An optional $120/yr. upgrade is available for toll-free phone support. You can contact netAserve by phone at: 301-584-3100.

You can expect to see billing soon from netAserve for 2008 hosting reflecting last years pricing. For 2009 our new flat-rate pricing takes effect. All of our classic accounts will now include an FTP Account, Domain Hosting, MySQL and PHP for $99/yr.

I join our dedicated technical and customer support staff in wishing you the best in 2009 as we work toward the soon coming of Christ our Lord.


Jesse Johnson, President
netAserve, Inc.
(301) 584-3100


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