Providing training and support services for netAdventist, netAserve is partnering with TAGnet (Three Angels Global Networking) to fill the need for support for the netAdventist product. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in getting a site or if you already have a site, contact us to ask about our support services to help you along the way with your existing site.  


netAserve provides the following services for:

Churches, Schools, and Ministries

  • Hosting and Bandwidth - located in a world-class co-location center in San Jose, CA with multiple redundant internet connections and 2Tbps bandwidth.
  • Training and Support - both email and toll-free phone support with trained support staff who were involved in the creation of netAdventist.
  • Design of Themes and Templates - get a custom look for your website with your own pictures and graphics.
  • Project Management - add new features or customize existing ones using programmers that wrote netAdventist, with professional, timely and organized updates.
We are here to help you succeed.

Conferences, Unions, and Divisions

  • System Administration Services - install and maintain your server; keeping it in optimum performance for your churches.
  • Design Services - portray just the right image for your constituents and community.
  • Project Management - add new features or migrate existing functionality onto the netAdventist platform.  We utilize the programmers who wrote netAdventist and will provide professional, timely and organized progress reports.


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